dl. (“the author as a transplantee, on realization and anxiety of teaching creative writing”)

the invenerable pedagogy of a hermit crab,
once thought of as a pistachio for the masses,
was mostly a swarm of jasmine in the parlors
of new orleans prostitutes;

     to teach in the mystic saturant,
     to teach in the freeing of bonds,
     to teach in the fearful dislodging
          of warmth:
the invenerable pedagogy of a hermit crab
will begin with lessons on radio shows and
how the twitterverse is drenched in sisterhood through theories
of dark matter, or the storytellers’ interpretation

a hermit crab can march from blackreach to bleakwind bluff,
armed like thoreau and a smiling snow elf
     in pinstripes and incense. that is, a hermit crab will;
     and war and death and conquest and the infanta of advanced
     capitalism are due to follow in a
     blinding social media blitz not seen
     since obama’s a.m.a.

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